An Hour of My Life

Things we did in an hour span of time that I photographed one day.

Everett was quietly playing with my shoes for a good five minutes. Maybe ten minutes. Just sitting there with that binky in his mouth, messing with the fringe and zippers on my boots.  photo 003eresized_zpsb69f2591.jpg

Bundled up ready to brave the snow to run a quick errand.  photo 007bwresized_zps65484150.jpg photo 017eresized_zpsfca00e36.jpg photo 022eresized_zps0f5dfa90.jpg

I told Ember a silly little story I made up on the spot. I don’t remember any part of it except the little girl is painting and goes to grab a paintbrush but picks up a pickle instead. Ember burst out laughing at that part.  photo 039eresized_zpsdb343ff8.jpg photo 059eresized_zps81d83cd2.jpg photo 049bwresized_zps5bc41073.jpg

Everett crawled under my desk. He smiled really big at me but I didn’t catch it on film. He loves when he’s doing something and I join him or acknowledge him. He’s such a loving baby!  photo 065eresized_zps61c0aa8b.jpg

Payson made some stuff with play-doh.
 photo 073eresized_zps3eda4b3a.jpg

And the last thing I photographed was the kids having a bath.  photo 093eresized_zpsa00c205d.jpg

Everett crawled into the bathroom and pulled himself up at the side of the tub and laughed and banged the wall happily. I could tell he wanted to get in that bath so badly! Soon enough, Everett! Your casts come off in 12 days and the FIRST thing we’ll do is come home and plop you down in a warm bath! 🙂  photo 096eresized_zpsbfdb762b.jpg
Oh and Brooke and Sierra were home during all of this and even hanging out with us playing with play-doh but they weren’t in the mood to have a camera in their face so I didn’t take their pictures. It’s always bizarre going through my photos because I have so few photos of the older kids verses the littler kids but little kids LOVE having their picture taken (at least mine do) and older kids don’t! I mean, my kids don’t hate it but certainly don’t want a camera in their face on a daily basis!

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