Her Purple Nightgown

This week Ember got a nightgown with a matching doll nightgown. She was thrilled, I mean thrilled, about it. I was mean and washed it first so she had to wait for a couple hours before she could try it on. Once it came out of the dryer she ran for her doll and on the gown went. She hasn’t wanted to take it off ever since! I need to wash it today and am dreading how sad she’ll be to not have it. I’m also wondering if she’ll ever wear anything else ever again! haha  photo 003eresized_zpsc1e84fe1.jpg photo 010eresized_zps761ece85.jpg photo 012eresized_zpsebd57e65.jpg

She got a white dress for her other doll for Christmas. She’s in love with it, too! Until her other doll got the purple nightgown she’d tell me often, in a whisper, “This baby is my favorite.” about the doll in the white dress. Now she says the doll in the purple nightgown is her favorite. “But I still love this baby, too!” photo 024eresized_zps18885e59.jpg

Oh and don’t call her babies ‘dolls!’ She really hates it! She’ll correct me each time with either, “You mean baby dolls!” or just, “They’re not dolls, they’re babies!” But she’s nice about her correction. She’ll giggle as if I made a silly mistake or forgot to add the baby part. “(haha) Mom, you said dolls but they’re baby dolls! (haha)”  photo 030eresized_zps8ea598bf.jpg

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