The Day After Christmas

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Ember pretended to break her leg and I bandaged her up with Everett’s splint from the ER. Later Sierra did, too. Brooke and Payson wanted turns but by then I was sick of bandaging legs (we used all four bandages and it was time consuming and I needed to start dinner) so I told them we’d do it the next day!  photo 117eresized_zps4b8d3e5f.jpg photo 118eresized_zpse1425a73.jpg

I even gave her a lollipop to “feel better” and everyone kept asking her if she was feeling better, if her leg was doing better, how she was, etc. She was loving it and I think for a while she slightly believed she really did have a hurt leg!  photo 128e2resized_zpsd804418b.jpg

Sierra’s turn, she got a lollipop, too! (Don’t worry, the other kids did too!)  photo 141eresized_zpsa84fb9c5.jpg

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