New Fish

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Brooke’s wanted a pet for forever. Allan and I feel like we have an entire zoo living with us, what with five freaking kids and all, so we’ve been firm on saying no, not yet. But poor kids, they are desperate for some animal friends and Brooke asking for a fish this year seemed pretty low key. I mean, a fish! Easy, right? So we went to Petco and got her a Betta. Ember was the only one still awake when I got home and she was pretty excited about ‘Gilbert.’ I don’t know where she got that name or why she thought it was named Gilbert but the second she saw him she started calling him that and Allan and I were so amused we let her call him that for the week we had him before giving him to Brooke on Christmas morning.

Brooke ended up naming the fish Tropical because it said tropical on her fish food. Then she changed it to Cade because we told her how we’d had a fish when we were first married and we’d named it Cade. So right now the fish is named Cade but who knows what it’ll be named next week.
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Oh yeah and shortly after this Ember put herself to sleep in the play room while I took the fish upstairs to hide it in our bathroom. She set up a pillow on a chair besides the bean bag chair and pulled a blanket over herself and had quite the adorable little bed.  photo 035eresized_zps0a7928ad.jpg photo 039eresized_zps99938af6.jpg photo 030eresized_zpsc59fff0a.jpg

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