In the Purple Room

The purple room is currently where I store and sort clean laundry and where I keep all of my scrapbooking stuff. It gets messy. Never really dirty, just messy. But it’s way better than having a laundry mess all over my bedroom or couch like I usually do!

Ember and Everett’s clothes are kept in the closet in the purple room in random boxes and bins. Ember loves to go through her clothes and change outfits and especially change socks and undies and accessories.
This day she had fun lining up all her socks into matching pairs.  photo 082eresized_zps3ffaf0b8.jpg

I was trying to fold and sort clothes but Everett wasn’t having any of that. Productivity is a no-no in his book.  photo 096eresized_zpsd99d3bae.jpg

Then he had some standing practice.  photo 113eresized_zps31f21298.jpg

And I took pictures of his cast.  photo 115eresized_zps19f3d9af.jpg photo 117eresized_zpsbf24ff1d.jpg photo 127eresized_zps88dad488.jpg

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