Getting the Kids’ Requested Santa Gifts at Sam’s Club

I’d finished getting the kids’ Christmas presents already. One day at Sam’s Club the kids spotted some giant stuffed toys. My kids about jumped out of their skin with excitement, they are obsessed with ALL stuffed animals but their very favorite are beanie boos. And these looked just like giant beanie boos. They begged and begged for these and I was like… well, I already bought all your Christmas presents, you’ll have to ask Santa.

 photo 099eresized_zpsf863019e.jpg

It was a major challenge getting them to stay in the cart with Everett’s car seat in there, too! And I had to fight off my out of control germophobe impulses and tell myself that although the stuffed animals were touching the (in my view) disgusting, sewer like cart, and can’t be washed, I should just let it go. For the sake of Christmas.
 photo 106eresized_zps186b2b65.jpg

Everett loved it, though!  photo 114eresized_zpsa3c2b2cf.jpg

Back in the car. Someone was cheesing 😉  photo 124eresized_zps414a51ba.jpg photo 131eresized_zps662fd92e.jpg

2 thoughts on “Getting the Kids’ Requested Santa Gifts at Sam’s Club

  • How did you keep Ember from knowing what they were all getting from Santa? 🙂

    Lisa D. in FLA

  • That's kinda funny actually- I told her we had to go buy them for Santa and take them to his workshop so he knew how to make them for all the other kids in the world because he's never made them before! We stopped at our mailbox on the way home and I got out of the car and opened the back car door and acted like I was mailing them off. I got back in the car and told her Santa was going to be happy we helped him out and I couldn't wait to see if he brought us some on Christmas day. She's just young enough that all of that was totally reasonable to her. haha

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