One "Terrible" Evening

This night Ember and Everett were both up really, really late. I tried several times with each of them to get them to sleep but for some reason they just would not go to bed! Everett is usually pretty good about going to sleep at his bedtime so I think it must’ve been his teeth bothering him. When he gets a new tooth he doesn’t sleep for a full freaking week! It’s horrible on him and me!

So Allan and I just hung out with our littlest kids and didn’t do anything fun together. With five kids, and being in way over our head with those five kids, we’re pretty dependant on our very limited alone time at night so it hurts, emotionally, when a kid or two are up with us late into the evening and we end up going to sleep ourselves with one or both in our bed. But it’s just this phase and it won’t last so nothing else to do except find the enjoyment in extra time with those kiddos!  photo 035eresized_zpsa44af3e2.jpg photo 034eresized_zps17fbe4ba.jpg photo 038eresized_zpsc7072c7a.jpg

Ember kisses me a thousand times a day and sometimes she licks my lips and sometimes she tries to eat my mouth. She’s always just being silly and hoping for a laugh. It’s funny. But you know, sometimes gross to be licked on the face! haha  photo 039eresized_zps67c9c66c.jpg

Allan has been Everett’s favorite person on earth since the day he was born. Literally if Allan’s home and not holding Everett, Everett’s crying. If he is holding Everett, Everett is the happiest baby in the whole wide world!!  photo 042eresized_zpsff8c6a65.jpg photo 043eresized_zps7ecbfbaa.jpg photo 045eresized_zps0415e594.jpg

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