The Christmas Tree Goes Up!

After we got our little old tree set up we let the kids put all the ornaments on. Our tree looks really interesting. The first decorating had “clumps” of ornaments here and there, no rhyme or reason, no balance. It was hilarious. I didn’t touch it; I vowed to never “fix up” our tree no matter how bad it looks. lol
Over the next few days (and now the last week or two) the kids have played with and rearranged the ornaments dozens and dozens of times. The tree never looks “pretty” but it always looks like fun for kids. Which is perfectly fine for me.
At night after the kids are finally in bed I sit on the couch and sometimes stare at the tree with the cheesy, cheap, handmade ornaments, half broken or wrinkled, and smile and tear up over it. It’s a tree full of memories. It’s a tree clearly put together with excitement, joy, and love. It’s a tree that has no desire to impress. It’s a tree my children decorated. I love it so much.  photo 033eresized_zps93135549.jpg photo 035bwresized_zps8351ce83.jpg photo 036eresized_zps5ccae4f9.jpg

Kiss whoever’s next to you! photo 037eresized_zps5f0b5055.jpg

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