Teething McTeethster.

Shopping is especially fun these days. Something I already don’t enjoy doing with added bonus of a screaming soundtrack. It’s so bad this day that I give random things off the shelves to Everett at an alarming rate. He throws each and every thing and screams louder.

I am desperate because we are OUT of food at home and I really need to make it to the milk aisle (at the back of the store) because without cereal my children would starve. Cereal can be breakfast, lunch, and dinner in “emergencies.”

I spot a mini container of cheerios. Now Everett is my most ineffective eater at one year old (compared to my other kids at this age) and cheerios aren’t usually something I’d give him. He needs super soft things to consume because he chokes on practically everything. But I have seen dozens of other moms give their one year olds cheerios so I think, surely it will be okay now?

I am wrong.

Everett gets one cheerio in his mouth and within about ten seconds is full blown choking. I panic and lean him forward and smack his back a few times and while he starts screaming bloody murder I scoop the mushy cheerio out of his mouth. It’s dramatic. People are looking at me. I pick Everett up and cuddle him, with his face in my shoulder, now holding a now crying (but at least not screaming!) baby and trying to push a mostly full cart with one arm. This cart, though an inanimate object, really desires turning to the left so it’s a struggle to keep it straight using only one hand!

Luckily Payson and Ember are being little angels that day and luckily I’m a seasoned enough mom to appreciate that and consider the day a win despite it’s appearance of a total loss. haha  photo 135eresized_zps0fd09982.jpg photo 138eresized_zpsc3076a8e.jpg

Everett loses socks constantly. I have to put shoes (and only one pair works) on him when we go out in order to keep the socks in place. Sometimes he gets his shoes at home and plays with them (and loses them, too) so I go to the store naively thinking, “Well, maybe he just won’t take them off and throw them this time.”
And that’s why I buy socks weekly. (luckily this day he put his sock in his car seat. Of course he keeps his ugliest pair of socks and tends to lose the cutest, warmest ones.)  photo 140eresized_zps212dc683.jpg
Everett is ultra helpful. His newest favorite thing to do in the kitchen is mess with the dishes in the dishwasher. The silverware (including knives) are on the lowest, most easily reachable part so I have to time out my dishwasher loading/unloading with Everett’s captive times. His captives times are when he’s in his high chair and when he’s napping. So yeah, not very often.  photo 006eresized_zpsa57e6992.jpg
And because I have this random picture of everyone at dinner time that doesn’t go with anything else and I’m not even sure why I took it, or edited it, or uploaded it, or am including it at all… here it is!  photo 014eresized_zps3fc95d66.jpg

Ember was having cereal because she’s picky and would, literally, go without food for days if I didn’t cave and offer her things like that. (No seriously, she once went three full days without a bite of any food until I caved and gave her cheerios on the third day)

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