We Went to the Park

Brooke’s been obsessed with Hanson lately. We bought a few CDs at Wal-Mart before our (failed) road trip to Washington for Thanksgiving. One was one of those variety music CDs that they come out with every year. I can’t remember what they’re called… Now? Now 50? Something like that.
I got one with the classics and MMMBop was the first song on it. Brooke fell head over heels in love and wanted to know all about who sings it. I told her all about Hanson and she was smitten. Even though they’re now old enough to be her parents, she’s in love with past Hanson.
After listening to that song multiple times every time we get in the car (I leave the CD in the car) I decided to show her the music video to MMMBop on my phone. She was riveted. At first she couldn’t believe they weren’t girls but after a while (and a second watching) she decided they definitely looked like boys. And then she decided they were really cute. Most especially the middle brother, Taylor.
 photo 138eresized_zpsfc605d8b.jpg photo 140eresized_zpse418ebd1.jpg

We’d just spent an hour in Whole Foods getting healthy foods so naturally we stopped at Taco Bell afterwards for an unhealthy lunch 😛
The sun was deceptive and made us think it was warmer than it was. We stopped for a picnic at a park but shivered the whole time.  photo 143eresized_zps323aba9d.jpg

After warming up in the car we decided to brave the cold once more for some time on the playground.  photo 149eresized_zps1da1bea3.jpg photo 153eresized_zps29138fd7.jpg photo 158eresized_zpsabde2012.jpg photo 166eresized_zpsce830afb.jpg photo 170eresized_zpscdde659e.jpg photo 183eresized_zps91b66b4c.jpg photo 184eresized_zpsdec72791.jpg photo 197eresized_zps6bec5510.jpg

Brooke is usually opposed to me doing her hair so I don’t ever ask to touch it, I just let her do her thing. That day she came up and asked me to do her hair! I happily obliged. She’s trying to grow her bangs out so she wanted them twisted out of her face. She looked so pretty!  photo 207eresized_zps7ef62ca3.jpg

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  • Oh, Brooke. We could have been besties back in the day. My whole life revolved around Hanson. I bought all the teen magazines and ripped out every picture and poster of Hanson I could get my hands on and literally wallpapered my room with their faces. Taylor was my man….I wrote him letters trying to convince him that we would be perfect for each other (if memory serves me correctly, his real name is actually Jordan and he goes by his middle name….? We are a match made in heaven!) But alas, it wasn't meant to be. 🙁 He never wrote back and I outgrew them….but you keep that fire burning for Hanson on my behalf, okay? 🙂

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