Hanging With My Kiddos

We played outside in the snow a bit today and then we came in and took turns playing video games. Well, mostly Brooke and Payson played video games and the rest of us watched.  photo 057eresized_zps481fa2db.jpg photo 076eresized_zps82c22e15.jpg photo 087eresized_zps645b2971.jpg photo 098bwresized_zps98c7b8e4.jpg

We also played a bunch of other games. This winter we bought half a dozen new games and my kids are obsessed. We play card games, board games, dice games, educational games, and they never tire of them!  photo 100eresized_zps92892e2d.jpg photo 104eresized_zps77cd916b.jpg photo 113eresized_zps9fb108bd.jpg

Ember spotted Everett playing by the stairs and brought over a snack to share with him.  photo 177eresized_zps93df0ffb.jpg photo 187eresized_zpsd7aa13a3.jpg photo 263eresized_zps54710f2c.jpg photo 294eresized_zps661b8d84.jpg

It was so cute when Ember started feeding him with her mouth, I couldn’t resist taking pictures and video.

EmberFeedsEverett from Ariana Tiffany on Vimeo.

 photo 316bwresized_zps99e45ab2.jpg photo 322bwresized_zpsa6b273cf.jpg

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