Embarrassing Myself

Normally I’m not embarrassed to share pretty much anything but the story behind this picture is too embarrassing to share.
But I’m going to anyway. haha!

So I started feeling pain in my lower abdomen one day. I shrugged it off as constipation or a muscle pull or something.
But it lasted for the whole day. It was getting worse! The next day it hurt so bad! And it was only on the left side. I thought, do I have a kidney infection? But no, it’s too low for that. What’s right there, on the left side? My ovary? Could I be ovulating?! This would be the first time since having Everett, but it has been a year so it’d make sense. What does ovulating feel like?! I’ve been “lucky” enough to only have had two periods (and not even real periods) in the last 5 years thanks to being pregnant and breastfeeding the entire 5 years! So… is this it? Ovulating? I can’t even remember ovulating or periods anymore!

I google my symptoms and decide that yeah I’m probably ovulating. But wait… what if I’m not?! What if it is a kidney infection? I had a kidney infection in 2007 that was so bad I ended up hospitalized for three days! It had progressed quickly, too, so I panic.

Then I remember hearing about ovulation test kits. There’s a test I can take to see if I AM ovulating!! If I’m not, then I should go to the doctor about the pain but if I am, mystery pain explained!

So I rush to Walgreen’s and look around for the ovulation tests. Oh, right by the pregnancy tests! Duh.
Then I notice a UTI test kit. What?! They have those?! Awesome! I grab one of those, too.

I go home and take both tests. I watch the stick and the test strip and as the results appear I realize I can’t figure out what the results mean. I mean, yes the directions say what to look for but I’m unsure. The ovulation kit is clearly negative. Right? Brain… do those lines mean negative? My brain responds, “Yes.”
Then I hold the UTI test strip up to the color chart included… brain, do the colors on the strip match the colors on this chart? BRAIN?!

I decide that the ovulation test was negative and the UTI test is positive! I think, OH NO. And rush myself to the urgent care down the block.

And I tell them about my symptoms and my confusion. I take a urine test and guess what! I have perfectly clean and clear urine and I am ovulating.

So I’m sitting there on the exam table while the urgent care doctor (a guy) tells me all about ovulation and the pain I’m feeling and writes me a prescription for…
Advil.  photo 211eresized_zpsb6485fea.jpg

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