That’s a Lot of Kids!

This was the day the kids finished making their Thanksgiving placemats.  photo 012eresized_zps11a224dc.jpg

And that night they randomly they asked me to take a bunch of pictures of them. They were very particular about how they wanted the pictures to look.  photo 044e2resized_zpsa432081d.jpg photo 045eresized_zps9a5fa422.jpg

Brooke and Sierra weren’t very happy with Payson who insisted on laying down for the picture. “It’s ruining the line! Payson sit up! PAYSON!! SIT.UPPP!” photo 046eresized_zps6c5e251e.jpg

But Payson, enjoying the power of upsetting his sisters (who are usually bullying him) was unmoved by their yelling. I finally told the girls to just lay down like him.  photo 048eresized_zpsf4cdca2b.jpg

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