It Snows and Everett Gets Balloons!

 photo 195eresized_zpsaa8b827f.jpg photo 201eresized_zpse568e7e0.jpg

I buy Everett a snow outfit that is way too small. But it’s all I have right then so I use it. He hates it. And can’t move a bit. Yikes.  photo 220eresized_zps9301ae04.jpg photo 222eeresized_zps2e53c25c.jpg

We went to the dollar store to get him some balloons for his birthday! Dollar stores are yucky but first birthdays are great!  photo 232eresized_zps62419acb.jpg photo 234eresized_zpsecfcc462.jpg photo 237eresized_zpsfcbc1fb2.jpg

Once home he played with his balloons the rest of the night!  photo 072eresized_zpsf8edea38.jpg photo 083eresized_zps109c86aa.jpg photo 084ecropresized_zps7dc35c4d.jpg

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