Everett Turns ONE!

 photo EverettisONE_zpscc4d8f68.jpg

I really can’t believe my baby boy is one year old! It’s been almost a month since his birthday and I still can’t get used to saying he’s one!! He’s learning and growing so much and so quickly. You’d think with your fifth child the excitement of watching your baby grow up would be a little less but crazily enough it’s not!  photo 168eresized_zpsb9de1a51.jpg photo 263eresized_zpsaa342f58.jpg photo 298eresized_zps9799cbd1.jpg photo 339e2resized_zps691606cb.jpg

This last picture just shows his first two teeth! photo 361eresized_zpsa3e0176a.jpg

One thought on “Everett Turns ONE!

  • He is too cute!! Looks like the Gerber baby!! So smiley. Glad to see you opened your blog again, I have been a reader for years and have missed it!

    Lisa D. in FLA

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