I Hurt My Shoulder! OUCH!

I hurt my freaking shoulder!! Like, really bad! It could have been from a million things since I’m very active. I pick up kids, carry kids, throw around kids, and do a bajillion other things around the house that are pretty physical… anyway… I never did figure out what I did exactly or what happened exactly but it was the worst injury I’ve had and was excruciatingly painful for a week (and hurt for longer than that, and still gets sensitive to this day) and basically screwed up my life. lol
I tried heating pads, ice packs, Icy Hot, and everything else I normally use for muscle pain and nothing worked! I didn’t sleep on that side, I didn’t lift my kids up that week… I tried to baby it but it was almost impossible to baby because well, duh, I’m a mom.
Anyway, yeah… I hurt my shoulder.  photo 042eresized_zps1f7488bd.jpg
If it still hurts in a month I’ll go see a doctor. Right now it’s fine most of the time and only gets sore if I’m exceptionally active, using my arms anyway.

Going on a Walk While the Weather Remains Nice!

I’m not dreading the winter but I am a little sad to see the beautiful weather go. I like the snow and cold but spending so much time outside during the spring, summer, and fall was so very lovely!
The weather forecast says snow is coming next week. We figure we better spend time outside every single day soaking up the last bit of warmth we have for 2014!  photo 202eresized_zps34dae502.jpg

The kids decide to each bring a stroller and all of their babies! It’s quite a parade as we walk down the sidewalk. Luckily we’re the only ones out for a walk so we have the entire sidewalk to ourselves.
Brooke has a bigger stroller but brings one of Ember’s tiny ones instead. Sierra has a small stroller and I think… I should maybe get her a bigger stroller for Christmas this year. My kids use those baby strollers all the time!  photo 207eresized_zps82cc39df.jpg photo 307eresized_zps02ac39dd.jpg

I kept offering to let her put her stroller on my big double stroller because it looked so uncomfortable bending over like that to push it. She was determined to push the stroller she’d brought though and did the entire walk!! Hunched over just like this:  photo 309eresized_zpsa96241fd.jpg

We stopped for a mini break. The kids had brought some Halloween candy (all Reese’s!) and ate that on the grass.  photo 231eresized_zps1c6e0898.jpg photo 232eresized_zps719389eb.jpg photo 252eresized_zps5c8322c7.jpg photo 260e2resized_zpsac28e299.jpg

Payson found this leaf that was purple! I’m assuming it was red at some point but in person it really looked totally purple!  photo 313eresized_zpsa104374c.jpg

One Morning

 photo 069eresized_zps9b75c7a1.jpg photo 071e2resized_zps4cb23ecf.jpg photo 094eresized_zps84c20bb6.jpg

Sierra’s hair is still fairly red from when she was Ariel on Halloween. In the end it took over a week, and multiple showers, to get all the red out!  photo 095eresized_zpsae5fea66.jpg photo 103eresized_zps2ff10052.jpg

Everett loves playing with this hat of his.  photo 129eresized_zpse9ed285b.jpg

Sometimes when he’s playing with it I take it and stick it on his head. He immediately pulls it off. But sometimes he tries to put it back on and that’s adorable! photo 142eresized_zpsa2c819a2.jpg

A lot of times Everett is cranky and wants me to hold him. He really likes being held!  photo 150eresized_zpsb46781d4.jpg

In his defense he got a tooth that week, poor baby.  photo 189eresized_zps08caca3e.jpg

Coloring is Serious Business

My house is filled with about ten thousand pictures. On the floor, on the tables, on my shelves, on my counters… papers and paper. Colorful drawings everywhere.
All four of my older kids love to color a LOT. I really mean like, practically all day every day!
Ember has this habit of leaving the tops off her markers and/or throwing her markers on the ground when she’s done using them. It’s so awesome when kids have messy habits!
Luckily she’s just about the cutest thing in the world sitting there coloring. I can deal with wading through a sea of papers and markers if it means seeing this cute sight and also getting to see her adorable drawings! photo 296eresized_zps333958e2.jpg

We’re Going on a Hike!

We went to the same place we went to on our first hike in Colorado back in January when we first moved here! Fun, huh?
Winter coming means our chances to go hiking are fading away. We’re excited about winter but we’ll miss hiking!  photo 098eresized_zps31f140a9.jpg photo 104eresized_zps03f77afa.jpg

It was so nice to not be the one wearing Everett!! Not just to give my poor back a break but because look at the cute view I got to see:
 photo 112e2resized_zps5f45f2b2.jpg photo 114eresized_zps5fcf3f79.jpg photo 116eresized_zps9d889225.jpg

The kids did great! There wasn’t any complaining!  photo 117eresized_zpsa5ec5c7a.jpg photo 132eresized_zpsf9a9c7ae.jpg photo 153eresized_zps9ff32568.jpg photo 163eresized_zps1a6126e9.jpg

Ember was doing pretty good but got tired. She probably would’ve hiked the rest of the way but verrrry slowly. I’m sure an extra hour would have been added onto our hike had Allan not picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.
Allan’s strong! (I’m so glad this wasn’t me carrying those kids!)  photo 176eresized_zpsde02e8f8.jpg photo 185eresized_zps20dc127c.jpg photo 192eresized_zps5efee331.jpg photo 197eresized_zps60cd11d7.jpg photo 203eresized_zps0cc9b192.jpg photo 208eresized_zps53f1a7e7.jpg photo 216eresized_zpsb27508d3.jpg photo 218eresized_zps947cda6b.jpg photo 223eresized_zps83320711.jpg photo 237eresized_zps5c2c2cfa.jpg photo 250eresized_zpsa5329fd9.jpg photo 259eresized_zps715a7a25.jpg photo 270efinalresized_zpse75bbac5.jpg photo 271eresized_zpsb72f7731.jpg photo 272eresized_zps987cad25.jpg

This next picture cracks me up. We were just sitting waiting while Allan fiddled with the camera settings.  photo 277eresized_zpsd2552f53.jpg

I’d set my camera to manual focus and he didn’t know how to turn it back to automatic focus. I showed him and then he took this:  photo 283eresized_zpsbbd1afe9.jpg

Point and shoot snaps:  photo 006bwresized_zpsd6111381.jpg

Sierra wanted us to look scared. (of wolves)  photo 026eresized_zpsf399a6cd.jpg

Halloween 2014!

The Halloween post. You can’t avoid the Halloween post. ha

I took some pictures of the kids once they got dressed up to go to Brooke’s Halloween party at her school.  photo 123eresized_zps28e8474d.jpg photo 119eresized_zps7471ed09.jpg photo 073e2resized_zps9c745071.jpg photo 059eresized_zpsf9e2272a.jpg photo 062eresized_zpsab45aeaf.jpg photo 093e2resized_zps07d58859.jpg

It was really cold outside that day so I didn’t photograph Ember in her costume (I have those pictures of her in her costume from a few weeks ago) and I didn’t even put Everett in his costume for this part of the day. He just wore his pumpkin onesie. Or wait, I think I changed him into his mummy onesie?  photo 021eresized_zps67b3437e.jpg photo 044eresized_zpsf8406372.jpg

Now that I think about it I think I changed him into his vampire onesie before we left. Not that that matters.  photo 005eresized_zpsccc2702b.jpg photo 008eresized_zpsdf81febb.jpg

Oh, yep! Vampire onesie… I can tell from his sleeves in this picture:  photo 010eresized_zpsa30640f4.jpg

Brooke’s teacher thought it’d be a good idea for her to say goodbye to the class and get her things (since she’ll be homeschooled now) during the class party. Brooke was really embarrassed to come back during the party because she told me she didn’t feel like a part of the class anymore now that she was being homeschooled. I felt so bad for her and how embarrassed she was. It took at least 15 minutes for her to get the courage to join the class party! When she finally did she felt at home and had fun, thank goodness! It was actually a good way to end her school year at that school!  photo 014eresized_zps7cbb828e.jpg photo 074eresized_zps21e6f5cf.jpg photo 075eresized_zps42e51b3a.jpg photo 076eresized_zps3327d144.jpg

After the school party we went home and waited for Allan. The kids were SO excited to go trick or treating!!.
Allan got home and we didn’t wait long before we headed out to get some candy!  photo 084eresized_zps2545d065.jpg photo 085eresized_zpsf2fa4f0d.jpg

It was freeeeezing that night!! It was the coldest night we’d had so far and my poor kids in their piddly costumes were freezing their buns off. We went pretty far and hit up quite a lot of houses, though! The kids each had 40-50 pieces of candy in the end! Poor Everett was cold so I held him the whole time we walked so he could have my body warmth. I mean, don’t worry, he wasn’t too cold… he just wasn’t all toasty comfy or anything. But he was bundled and just fine. lol  photo 086eresized_zpsdb1f5fe7.jpg

Once we got home the candy counting and sorting and trading started. Halloween is so fun!  photo 019eresized_zps0e25851b.jpg

I had been wearing this witch hat a bit but Allan took it and put it on and asked if he should answer the door for the trick or treaters wearing it. haha. Um, no.  photo 026bwresized_zps94e650f1.jpg

Everett thought Halloween was way awesome! He was very aware that something really fun was happening! He loves watching his siblings get excited… he gets excited over their reactions even though he doesn’t know why! It’s the cutest! He loved grabbing and playing with the wrapped pieces of candy. He couldn’t have cared less about eating candy, he just loved the noise the wrappers made and that there were piles of candy everywhere! photo 032bwresized_zpsbda47f8e.jpg

Ember, always one to mommy her baby brother, kept giving Everett pieces of candy! She’d open like candy bars and stuff and give them to him. I kept telling her not to so she’d wait a minute after I’d taken it from him and then give him another. haha, little stinker. She gave him this dum dum at one point and I said, fine Ember he can eat that but that’s it. No more giving him candy! That was the last candy she gave him! He didn’t actually consume the candy she gave him… I’d take it before he had a chance. ha  photo 041eresized_zpsdb66e653.jpg

He liked it a lot. I don’t think he cares that it was sweet, this kid just likes to eat anything!  photo 048bwresized_zpsc2ae73dc.jpg

I didn’t let him eat the whole thing. I’m not mean, I just didn’t want him to choke on the littler parts once the sucker started getting small. haha  photo 049bwresized_zps45efcec5.jpg

“Show me your favorite candy this year!”  photo 059bwresized_zps2e77d5df.jpg

Later in the evening after we got four of our kids to bed we watched Godzilla and had pizza. Ember ate pizza with us and then fell asleep on the couch before Godzilla started. It was pretty much a perfect Halloween!  photo 090cloneeresized_zps58bc8a7b.jpg photo 091eresized_zps3012f49f.jpg