I’m Having a Party!

Sierra plans a party for her siblings. She cleans her room up, tells her siblings to dress up, and then prepares a bunch of games for them to play. I take some pictures for her and then she’s surprised and happy when I tell her that I’ll let them have a treat with their snack that day to follow up the games for her party 🙂  photo 074eresized_zpsdc48d996.jpg photo 077eresized_zpsf180f709.jpg photo 080eresized_zps511b4b7c.jpg photo 087eresized_zps2fb11e68.jpg photo 107eresized_zps176fcc07.jpg

We were running pretty low on groceries so snack was a hodge podge. I did add Christmas cookies and candy to their plates in honor of Sierra’s spontaneous party, though 🙂  photo 117eresized_zpscac1ad48.jpg
(Though he wasn’t in the pictures, Payson did go to the party! Sierra made sure to wait for him, too. Sweet girl)

Sierra Loves Her Everett!!

So so so much!  photo 046eresized_zps88994cb3.jpg photo 050eresized_zps06cb1e8f.jpg

Speaking of Sierra… she and I noticed it was crazy windy outside and decided to go and let our hair blow around like crazy. It was freezing but we decided to snap a couple pictures before heading into our warm house!  photo 059eresized_zpse36aea3d.jpg

I coldn’t decide if I liked these pictures SOOC with bold color or with a muted look. I just love this next picture!  photo 061eresized_zps34971be6.jpg

Some Evening Fun Off in the Mountains

We drive up into the mountains and we stop and play at this little park. We have fun.  photo 018eresized_zps327b9656.jpg photo 021eresized_zps4970e7be.jpg

Poor Brooke fell and scraped up her knee. It hurt really bad and I didn’t have a first aid kit with us so she decided to sit on a rock for most of the rest of the time we were there. It didn’t help that it was pretty chilly! Brooke doesn’t like being really cold!  photo 026eresized_zps8200feb4.jpg

Allan had just gotten home from an out of state, week long business trip. I did NOT enjoy him being gone!  photo 047eresozed_zps42764ba8.jpg photo 049eresized_zpsd2c7bee2.jpg

That night the kids were asking us how to draw Broncos. They love the Denver Broncos!
Allan looked on his phone and then copied the images he found onto paper for each kid. They were super excited about it and hung their pictures up on their bedroom walls when they were done.  photo 010eresized_zpsc19b20a5.jpg photo 016eresized_zpsafa69f9b.jpg photo 018eresized_zpsca983e18.jpg

Sierra with Her Puppy

Sierra brought her puppy with us on errands.
Sierra tells me that this particular puppy has gone through a few names. She just can’t figure out what to name it! Normally she doesn’t have a difficult time with naming her toys, just with this pup.
Here are the names it’s had so far:
We’ll keep you posted on when this guy finally gets a permanent name!  photo 096eresized_zps9263a543.jpg

Feeding Everett!

This little boy is turning out to be a great eater! He likes every food I offer him and willingly gobbles it up! He really loves carrots and sweet potatoes the most but he doesn’t turn his nose up to all the green stuff I give him or… anything! He likes meat, dairy, casseroles, breads, just seriously everything!
Though I’ll add the only thing he ever seemed to not like is peas! I gave him the inside of a pea once and he scrunched his nose and did a little shiver but he did eat it and another couple after that. It just wasn’t his fave. Because he didn’t like them I haven’t given them to him since… I like him to loooove eating.
This night he was munching on sweet potatoes, carrots, and avocado. Yum!  photo 120eresized_zpsc497b0f7.jpg

Baked Tacos

Tacos are such an easy meal. And pretty cheap, too! The problem I have with tacos is my kids are young enough that it’s a huge mess! That doesn’t stop me from making tacos, of course, but it did cause me to try out a recipe I stumble upon online for baked tacos. Baking the tacos melts everything together well enough that when you bite into it nothing is falling everywhere!!
I’m sure you could google “baked tacos” and find the real, original recipe but I just toss together:
-1 lb. cooked ground beef
-one pack mild taco seasoning
-one can mild rotel
-one can refried beans

I arrange 10-18 hard taco shells in a giant baking dish and then fill each shell with some of that mixture. I top each taco with cheese and bake in the oven at around 350 for 10 minutes. Sometimes longer. Just until the cheese is melted and everything is starting to get golden brown. Add regular taco toppings and you have a delicious, easy, not-so-messy meal!  photo 058eresized_zps0b4ab8c6.jpg photo 062eresized_zpscf845098.jpg

Ember, Miss Picky, ate a taco shell covered with cheese and lettuce. I count my blessings when it comes to that girl and food and the fact that she loves lettuce makes me happy. haha, the little things.  photo 064eresized_zps7fd4d60c.jpg

Allan was out of state that week so bedtimes were extra rough. 100% solo care of the kids isn’t new for me at all but it’s never easy! I came into the office after getting Everett to sleep and found Ember like this:  photo 083eresized_zpse024aae4.jpg

Thanks, Ember!

Ember gives Everett lots of opportunities to try things he would never have a chance to try if he were an only child.
I try really hard (and generally do a good job) of baby proofing everything and I’m always right by Everett, but sometimes while Ember’s eating something she offers it to Everett without telling me and it’s a few seconds before I realize what’s going on.
I gave Ember an Oreo (rather she stole it from me and I let her keep it) but she decided she didn’t like it and handed it to Everett. I heard her talking to him about it so turned to look.
Everett had immediately started eating that thing with enthusiasm! I asked him, “What do you HAVE?” and he smiled really big and started bopping up and down happily. I let him eat it a bit and took a picture before taking it away. I feel mean but… I really don’t want my baby having cookies yet. photo 044eresized_zpsae9acccf.jpg
 photo 052eresized_zps3b938554.jpg