Our Thanksgiving

In the morning, putting the turkey into a cold bath to thaw.  photo 020eresized_zps121934bc.jpg

I hadn’t planned on doing a single craft and yet we spent the whole day doing crafts.  photo 024eresized_zpsb77485bb.jpg

For an easy and fairly light Thanksgiving day lunch we had a relish tray and some deviled eggs. Usually I serve the relish tray with dinner and we eat dinner by 3pm. This year I maybe forgot to turn on the oven so the turkey sat not cooking for an hour in the oven :/  photo 032eresized_zps29d33239.jpg photo 040eresized_zps245fb6a1.jpg

I gave Everett a pickle for the first time and I think it just might have been his favorite part of Thanksgiving! ha  photo 033eresized_zps6f7b8c8c.jpg photo 036eresized_zps4d1d6c89.jpg

I watched the Lions’ game with Allan for a few minutes while breastfeeding Everett. (Oh and Everett got his second haircut today!)  photo 059eresized_zps1f1c847a.jpg

Lots of crafting time!  photo 069eresized_zps1823f392.jpg photo 071eresized_zps32c27089.jpg

Playing with their crafts and making more crafts!  photo 085eresized_zpse6fb0309.jpg photo 086eresized_zps70523376.jpg

And finally the big moment! Dinner’s ready! (The sweet potatoes aren’t fully covered in marshmallows because I used this recipe and there was a lot of sweet topping already on them but my kids wanted marshmallows as well so I sprinkled some on. The corner where there is a huge amount of marshmallows is the gluten free part, the topping had flour in it so I left that part without the topping and added extra marshmallows for Payson)  photo 090eresized_zps1eb6ac37.jpg

My first turkey! I did it!  photo 091eresized_zps6095b73e.jpg

Allan wanted to get a picture of me with my first turkey. He made me feel pretty good about myself for cooking that bird!  photo 093eresized_zps3f337ece.jpg

I set a plate in front of Everett with a serving of basically everything. I usually put his food directly on his tray so he looked at the plate like, what is this thing?!  photo 100eresized_zps7d31530a.jpg

The fork went immediately on the floor. I think he almost threw the plate on the floor, too! He throws all his toys off his tray the second I put them there. He noticed the food in the plate though and decided maybe this weird contraption could stay.  photo 108eresized_zps98595c81.jpg

Quick family pic.  photo 112eresized_zps5edacc32.jpg photo 118eresized_zps40f6ba16.jpg photo 117eresized_zps84bbcef2.jpg photo 142eresized_zps8d5ba1c6.jpg

Everett loved his dinner! This kid really loves to eat! He liked each item on his plate and had seconds! (Though lots of his “firsts” landed on the floor because he’s messy!)  photo 119eresized_zps2dcdd680.jpg photo 121eresized_zpsa55258d6.jpg photo 125eresized_zps6fd394d6.jpg photo 132eresized_zps983f6720.jpg

The kids had been munching away for a while by the time Allan and I got our plates ready to go! It was nice when we finally sat down and ate as a family!  photo 137eresized_zpsaa80be31.jpg

8 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving

  • Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Nice to see some of your posts again. Everett looks so much older and sooo cute! Thanks for sharing. Bev

  • The food looks so yummy 😀 I've need had marhmellow on sweet potatoes before but a few of my friends made that dish for thanksgiving as well, I must try it now!

  • Hi Ariana!!! It's so good to see you and your family again! I've missed your blog posts and wondered how you guys were doing in Colorado. Looks like a fun, crafty Thanksgiving! The turkey looks yummy, congrats! I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish in a days time! You inspire me so much! Glad to see you on my blog feed again! Your kiddos are growing up so fast!~April Kelley~

  • I'm so glad to see your blog again! I've missed reading about your kids and seeing what you guys are up to! I contemplated friending you on facebook since you stopped blogging but feel like a stalker. lol. So glad the blog is back up. Great job on the Turkey! It looks amazing. It's funny that you said Everett had his first pickle and loved it. My daughter was born the day before Everett and her favorite thing right now is pickles!

  • So glad you've opened your blog back up again!! I've been reading since Payson was a baby 🙂 Glad to see you're all doing so well! And that dinner looks like it was delish! I wish we could have a just us Thanksgiving, but we have to schlep to my parents one day and then my in-laws on Thanksgiving. This introvert would rather just stay home 🙂

  • The sweet potatoes with marshmallows is pretty yummy. It's the only way I'd ever had sweet potatoes as a child. I learned about the pecan topping once I was an adult and making sweet potatoes on my own and fell in love with that way! My kids definitely prefer the marshmallows, though!

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