Thanks, Ember!

Ember gives Everett lots of opportunities to try things he would never have a chance to try if he were an only child.
I try really hard (and generally do a good job) of baby proofing everything and I’m always right by Everett, but sometimes while Ember’s eating something she offers it to Everett without telling me and it’s a few seconds before I realize what’s going on.
I gave Ember an Oreo (rather she stole it from me and I let her keep it) but she decided she didn’t like it and handed it to Everett. I heard her talking to him about it so turned to look.
Everett had immediately started eating that thing with enthusiasm! I asked him, “What do you HAVE?” and he smiled really big and started bopping up and down happily. I let him eat it a bit and took a picture before taking it away. I feel mean but… I really don’t want my baby having cookies yet. photo 044eresized_zpsae9acccf.jpg
 photo 052eresized_zps3b938554.jpg

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