Some Evening Fun Off in the Mountains

We drive up into the mountains and we stop and play at this little park. We have fun.  photo 018eresized_zps327b9656.jpg photo 021eresized_zps4970e7be.jpg

Poor Brooke fell and scraped up her knee. It hurt really bad and I didn’t have a first aid kit with us so she decided to sit on a rock for most of the rest of the time we were there. It didn’t help that it was pretty chilly! Brooke doesn’t like being really cold!  photo 026eresized_zps8200feb4.jpg

Allan had just gotten home from an out of state, week long business trip. I did NOT enjoy him being gone!  photo 047eresozed_zps42764ba8.jpg photo 049eresized_zpsd2c7bee2.jpg

That night the kids were asking us how to draw Broncos. They love the Denver Broncos!
Allan looked on his phone and then copied the images he found onto paper for each kid. They were super excited about it and hung their pictures up on their bedroom walls when they were done.  photo 010eresized_zpsc19b20a5.jpg photo 016eresized_zpsafa69f9b.jpg photo 018eresized_zpsca983e18.jpg

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