One Morning

 photo 069eresized_zps9b75c7a1.jpg photo 071e2resized_zps4cb23ecf.jpg photo 094eresized_zps84c20bb6.jpg

Sierra’s hair is still fairly red from when she was Ariel on Halloween. In the end it took over a week, and multiple showers, to get all the red out!  photo 095eresized_zpsae5fea66.jpg photo 103eresized_zps2ff10052.jpg

Everett loves playing with this hat of his.  photo 129eresized_zpse9ed285b.jpg

Sometimes when he’s playing with it I take it and stick it on his head. He immediately pulls it off. But sometimes he tries to put it back on and that’s adorable! photo 142eresized_zpsa2c819a2.jpg

A lot of times Everett is cranky and wants me to hold him. He really likes being held!  photo 150eresized_zpsb46781d4.jpg

In his defense he got a tooth that week, poor baby.  photo 189eresized_zps08caca3e.jpg

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