My Baby Hates Being Bundled Up!!

H A T E S it!
He hates wearing clothes. He really hates wearing socks. He really, really, really hates wearing sweaters or coats. He most especially hated this baby coat bag thing.  photo 236eresized_zps048cbcf5.jpg

And as for what I do currently to bundle up Everett, I put a full outfit with socks on him under a zip up footie pajama. Then a sweater over that. Then socks (or mittens if I can find them) on his hands (which he despises) and then a hat on his head (which he desperately tries to take off and succeeds in doing most of the time!) and then a big blanket over everything once he’s buckled into his stroller or car seat.
It’s a mess, but he does stay warm.  photo 238eresized_zpsa7dda965.jpg

And how cute are his little teeth showing in that picture above and look at that sweet (albeit cranky) face below!  photo 241eresized_zpscba94ddc.jpg

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