I Hurt My Shoulder! OUCH!

I hurt my freaking shoulder!! Like, really bad! It could have been from a million things since I’m very active. I pick up kids, carry kids, throw around kids, and do a bajillion other things around the house that are pretty physical… anyway… I never did figure out what I did exactly or what happened exactly but it was the worst injury I’ve had and was excruciatingly painful for a week (and hurt for longer than that, and still gets sensitive to this day) and basically screwed up my life. lol
I tried heating pads, ice packs, Icy Hot, and everything else I normally use for muscle pain and nothing worked! I didn’t sleep on that side, I didn’t lift my kids up that week… I tried to baby it but it was almost impossible to baby because well, duh, I’m a mom.
Anyway, yeah… I hurt my shoulder.  photo 042eresized_zps1f7488bd.jpg
If it still hurts in a month I’ll go see a doctor. Right now it’s fine most of the time and only gets sore if I’m exceptionally active, using my arms anyway.

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