Feeding Everett!

This little boy is turning out to be a great eater! He likes every food I offer him and willingly gobbles it up! He really loves carrots and sweet potatoes the most but he doesn’t turn his nose up to all the green stuff I give him or… anything! He likes meat, dairy, casseroles, breads, just seriously everything!
Though I’ll add the only thing he ever seemed to not like is peas! I gave him the inside of a pea once and he scrunched his nose and did a little shiver but he did eat it and another couple after that. It just wasn’t his fave. Because he didn’t like them I haven’t given them to him since… I like him to loooove eating.
This night he was munching on sweet potatoes, carrots, and avocado. Yum!  photo 120eresized_zpsc497b0f7.jpg

One thought on “Feeding Everett!

  • How fun that you made your blog public again! I knew Allan's family in Arizona and enjoy reading about your kids and seeing your photos. And my husband is from Denver, so it's fun that you guys are in Colorado. Everett is such a doll!

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