Baked Tacos

Tacos are such an easy meal. And pretty cheap, too! The problem I have with tacos is my kids are young enough that it’s a huge mess! That doesn’t stop me from making tacos, of course, but it did cause me to try out a recipe I stumble upon online for baked tacos. Baking the tacos melts everything together well enough that when you bite into it nothing is falling everywhere!!
I’m sure you could google “baked tacos” and find the real, original recipe but I just toss together:
-1 lb. cooked ground beef
-one pack mild taco seasoning
-one can mild rotel
-one can refried beans

I arrange 10-18 hard taco shells in a giant baking dish and then fill each shell with some of that mixture. I top each taco with cheese and bake in the oven at around 350 for 10 minutes. Sometimes longer. Just until the cheese is melted and everything is starting to get golden brown. Add regular taco toppings and you have a delicious, easy, not-so-messy meal!  photo 058eresized_zps0b4ab8c6.jpg photo 062eresized_zpscf845098.jpg

Ember, Miss Picky, ate a taco shell covered with cheese and lettuce. I count my blessings when it comes to that girl and food and the fact that she loves lettuce makes me happy. haha, the little things.  photo 064eresized_zps7fd4d60c.jpg

Allan was out of state that week so bedtimes were extra rough. 100% solo care of the kids isn’t new for me at all but it’s never easy! I came into the office after getting Everett to sleep and found Ember like this:  photo 083eresized_zpse024aae4.jpg

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