We’re Going on a Hike!

We went to the same place we went to on our first hike in Colorado back in January when we first moved here! Fun, huh?
Winter coming means our chances to go hiking are fading away. We’re excited about winter but we’ll miss hiking!  photo 098eresized_zps31f140a9.jpg photo 104eresized_zps03f77afa.jpg

It was so nice to not be the one wearing Everett!! Not just to give my poor back a break but because look at the cute view I got to see:
 photo 112e2resized_zps5f45f2b2.jpg photo 114eresized_zps5fcf3f79.jpg photo 116eresized_zps9d889225.jpg

The kids did great! There wasn’t any complaining!  photo 117eresized_zpsa5ec5c7a.jpg photo 132eresized_zpsf9a9c7ae.jpg photo 153eresized_zps9ff32568.jpg photo 163eresized_zps1a6126e9.jpg

Ember was doing pretty good but got tired. She probably would’ve hiked the rest of the way but verrrry slowly. I’m sure an extra hour would have been added onto our hike had Allan not picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.
Allan’s strong! (I’m so glad this wasn’t me carrying those kids!)  photo 176eresized_zpsde02e8f8.jpg photo 185eresized_zps20dc127c.jpg photo 192eresized_zps5efee331.jpg photo 197eresized_zps60cd11d7.jpg photo 203eresized_zps0cc9b192.jpg photo 208eresized_zps53f1a7e7.jpg photo 216eresized_zpsb27508d3.jpg photo 218eresized_zps947cda6b.jpg photo 223eresized_zps83320711.jpg photo 237eresized_zps5c2c2cfa.jpg photo 250eresized_zpsa5329fd9.jpg photo 259eresized_zps715a7a25.jpg photo 270efinalresized_zpse75bbac5.jpg photo 271eresized_zpsb72f7731.jpg photo 272eresized_zps987cad25.jpg

This next picture cracks me up. We were just sitting waiting while Allan fiddled with the camera settings.  photo 277eresized_zpsd2552f53.jpg

I’d set my camera to manual focus and he didn’t know how to turn it back to automatic focus. I showed him and then he took this:  photo 283eresized_zpsbbd1afe9.jpg

Point and shoot snaps:  photo 006bwresized_zpsd6111381.jpg

Sierra wanted us to look scared. (of wolves)  photo 026eresized_zpsf399a6cd.jpg

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