The First Snow of Winter 2014!

Even though we knew it was coming and we had a fantastic 7 months of spring, summer, and fall… it was exciting but a little crazy when it snowed for the first time! We couldn’t get over how cool it was!! haha
We of course had to bundle up and go outside!! We went outside in different phases all through the day. We started off throwing on some sweaters and running outside when the very first snowflakes began to fall. We’d come in for a while and then bundle up a little more as the snow kept falling. And then later when the snow was starting to stick and build up we bundled up even more to play outside in it! Fun day!!  photo 076eresized_zps41b2afdd.jpg photo 086eresized_zps20f8fc10.jpg photo 099eresized_zps7b2e0a74.jpg photo 109eresized_zps34a569ff.jpg photo 110eresized_zpsdaacd826.jpg photo 122eresized_zpsfd076d1e.jpg photo 157eresized_zpsc68fca5d.jpg

And naturally we had hot chocolate that day! What’s the first day of snow without a glass of hot chocolate!? For some reason I only photographed Ember with hers? Weird.  photo 250eresized_zps80b248cb.jpg photo 256eresized_zpsf89ff143.jpg

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