Old Maid

The kids and I play a lot of games. Lately they’ve been really into the simple old card game ‘Old Maid.’

Ember plays with us (and does a pretty good job!) but calls it ‘homemade,’ which we all find super cute and funny.

Usually I play with the kids but today decided to attempt to edit some photos (from a freaking month ago!) and catch up on my blog and I can hear them playing the game together behind. Ember comes up half way through and tells me (plenty loud enough for the other kids to hear) “Mom, me, Sierra, and Brooklyn are playing homemade and I have the homemade and they don’t know!”
I tell her, “Really? That’s awesome they don’t know, I won’t tell them!”
As she turns around to go sit back down and play the older girls and I make eye contact and all are smiling because of course they heard her tell me since I’m about two feet away from them 🙂

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