Ember is Picky, Mom is Tricky

Ember is my pickiest eater by far. She has her favorites (which luckily include just enough healthy things to help me relax a bit) but refuses to try almost anything else new. Today she was begging for her favorite treat, waffles with nutella smeared on. So I combined equal parts avocado and nutella and spread it on her waffle. I thought for sure she’d notice the difference and I think she did a bit because that little detective examined her waffle sooooo carefully before taking a bite (the consistency is different when you add avocado!) and then she paused with it in her mouth… I made sure to not say a word and not even look at her at this point because I wanted those impulses of “something’s different!” to fade away and not take hold. And… it worked! From now on, my little nutella lover… you get a serving of avocado!

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