Post Office

Did I talk about our mail situation before? I can’t remember if I did, I think I did. We have to pick up our mail at the post office 15 minutes away because we don’t have our mail keys yet. So that’s what we did this day. We also were finally given the keys to our mailbox! When I opened our mailbox it was stuffed. I mean, so so so stuffed. And the bigger box (we were left another key to) was stuffed as well! So much mail! (Most of it magazines and ads for the previous tenants!)  photo 044eresized_zpsd896a48c.jpg photo 046eresized_zpsfee6728c.jpg

I got some stuff to teach the kids virtues. I let them open the packages.  photo 057eresized_zps7cafeea3.jpg

Ember’s birthday present from my mom was in there too. My mom got Ember this dress and Ember was so excited. She LOVES dresses.  photo 086eresized_zps2ce8c436.jpg

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