Some Little Things

Snow on the mountains.  photo 004eresized_zps4553a35c.jpg

Breakfast.  photo 007eresized_zps168dc62b.jpg photo 011eresized_zpsf88670c0.jpg

Attempting to get Everett to eat something from a bowl with a spoon.  photo 030eresized_zps98c13a1f.jpg

He took a couple bites!  photo 035e2resized_zps708cc401.jpg

When we first moved in and went to the post office for our mailbox keys they said it’d take around two weeks for them to change the locks and get new keys. Until then we put a hold on our mail and had to drive to the post office to pick things up. So we didn’t get Ember’s birthday card until a few days after her birthday even though my sister sent it plenty early enough. Ironically this was the first year in a long time that both my mom and sister sent a birthday card/present on time! And we didn’t even GET it on time because of the mail situation. Kinda funny.

Regardless, Ember was so happy to get a letter in the mail.  photo blog01_zps7bccb46f.jpg

I asked her to read it and it was the cutest. I video taped that. And probably will never share. lol! I would TOTALLY share all my video clips if it didn’t take hours to upload. My computer majorly sucks with editing and uploading video clips so despite my desperate wish that I could share stuff like that I just can’t devote the time to it!  photo 048eresized_zpse2ef73c8.jpg photo 050eresized_zps28955ca3.jpg

This is when the leaves were first starting to change colors in a major way here in Colorado. We spotted this empty parking lot with some fallen leaves on the grass and stopped there for just a little while. It turned out to be this totally fun little experience even though it was just a random stop to breastfeed Everett! haha  photo 064eresized_zpsdf0521b7.jpg photo 081eresized_zpsc4e687f6.jpg photo 103eresized_zps67a78a47.jpg

The kids were SO excited to be able to play with leaves!! Poor desert raised children! ha  photo 118eresized_zpsa130c887.jpg photo 126eresized_zps4c10c379.jpg photo 139eresized_zps7184d25e.jpg

I had about a hundred pictures of them throwing leaves! It was all fun and games until Payson spotted an earwig in a pile of leaves and screamed. There wasn’t much leaf throwing after that! haha  photo 173eresized_zpsbe25753c.jpg

Everett was as content as can be sitting there and playing with the leaves and watching his siblings.  photo 186eresized_zpsdd07a09d.jpg

Sierra and Ember were standing together and I loved how their boots looked side by side. These sisters ♥  photo 212eresized_zps58c6b8ad.jpg

Tasting leaves to be funny. They were gross!  photo 224eresized_zps777c6a51.jpg photo 258eresized_zps5e5fd858.jpg

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