Kevin and Jenna’s Family Photos

I took my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s family pictures. I doubt they want all their photos on my blog but I will share one because it’s so dang cute!  photo 538eresized_zps08c3b6ae.jpg

My and Jenna and our babies! Everett and Asher are 4 weeks apart in age.  photo 741eresized_zpseb4bc008.jpg photo 742e2resized2_zps65458f15.jpg

It was SO dark and chilly by this time. My camera was maxed out on settings to get a shot (6400 ISO, 2.8 aperture, etc) but we wanted to try to get a shot of the boys together the first time they met. They were also both so over being outside and being cold. And then set on the ground with a stranger… Everett had wanted to be held by me this whole time too so I finally pick him up and promptly set him on the cold ground with some kid he doesn’t know? He had NONE of that. haha! Poor babies!  photo 746eresized_zpsd56ff651.jpg

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