Everett and Ember’s Birthday Balloons

When Ember was Everett’s age she got some balloons when we went to take her birthday portraits in the mountains. She was terrified of them! If they came near enough to her she’d cry and even if they were visible from where she was, she’d just stare at them in horror. haha. I can’t remember what the rest of my kids thought of balloons… if any of them were even around balloons at that age but Everett is the opposite of Ember. The first time his eyes laid sight on Ember’s birthday balloons they bulged out of his head and his mouth dropped open and his entire body shook. The second they seemed near enough to him he made a grab for them. After Ember’s birthday celebration we let him play with one and I’ve literally never seen him to excited about anything in his life. He sat there gripping the ribbon tightly in his hand and shaking it all around. The more noise and more crazy the balloon went the bigger his eyes and smile got. He was in heaven. Balloon heaven.

Ember’s balloons (from the dollar store!) stayed afloat for weeks! And in all that time Everett’s interest in them never waivered. They provided hours of entertainment for my baby boy.
I can’t wait until he gets his own birthday balloons in a few weeks! He’s going to be a super happy baby!  photo 005eresized_zpsbbb6e772.jpg photo 018eresized_zpsd51099d6.jpg photo 049eresized_zpsd3efbd1a.jpg
You guys don’t need me to say that I watched him every time he was with the balloons, right? Clearly I’m overprotective and wouldn’t leave him alone (well, ever really!) with balloons! And even though I was literally always with him when he was playing with them I also ended up cutting the ribbon because he kept getting tangled up in it.

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