Allan’s Favorite Dinner

This baked teriyaki chicken (I think it’s on allrecipes) with rice and broccoli. I was out of broccoli so we had peas and corn this night. It doesn’t really matter what you put with this chicken though, the chicken is always the star. My entire family loves this one! (Well, not Ember… Ember hates baked chicken, she hates rice, and she hates peas. She ate corn. lol)  photo 280eresized_zpscd7c582f.jpg

Now that we live 45 minutes from Allan’s work he gets home late again. I hate it. But it is always a joyful time when he does finally get home!  photo 288eresized_zpsddd2e3e3.jpg photo 289bwresized_zpsac03ef80.jpg

This was the day after the little kids got vaccines. Ember’s chicken pox vaccine site was red and had bumps (as expected) but she also had little red bumps all over her face! I tried to take a picture but they didn’t show up at all. What is it with cameras that they can capture the tiniest zits, our pores, and every other little blemish but you want to photograph a rash or some bumps and NOPE. Invisible. haha!  photo 291bwresized_zps1b04ea31.jpg

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