The Very Normal Little Parts of Life

DISHES. D I S H E S. Dishes, dishes, dishes, and more and more and more dishes.  photo 264eresized_zps6f893d3b.jpg

Baby playing. Baby toys.  photo 272eresized_zps11be6586.jpg photo 279eresized_zps7cbc87aa.jpg photo 281eresized_zpsf9e8bcf0.jpg

Paper, markers, crayons, scissors, tape, glue, scraps… all day every day.  photo 285eresized_zpsb37bb3f0.jpg photo 287eresized_zps1caf67b5.jpg

Binkies. Lots of binkies. Mostly giraffe Wubbunubs but also some lone binkies.  photo 304eresized_zps86b3afd7.jpg photo 318eresized_zps3db9f35a.jpg

Brooke’s school decides to start charging for bus rides. $1 each. So we now drop off and pick up exclusively. This day was a roooough day so we got Taco Bell before heading to the school. We got there early and Sierra and Payson sat on the grass outside the school eating their tacos.  photo 327eresized_zps1e92f42f.jpg photo 333eresized_zps1e9cdcb0.jpg

Grabby baby hands. Everett’s in the lunge-for-everything-he-sees phase. Doesn’t matter what it is, where it is, he wants it!  photo 344eresized_zpsa35d289e.jpg

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