Shopping at Burlington Coat Factory

We needed a few things and Burlington Coat Factory is cheap.  photo 695eresized_zpsda14e6e4.jpg

Everett is in a super cranky phase and cried and cried. Payson tried to entertain him.  photo 113eresized_zps21e134b6.jpg

I’m a major germophobe. If you see a picture of my baby sitting on the floor in a fitting room you know things must’ve been bad. And they so were. Oh my gosh this shopping trip in particular was tooooooooorture. Brooke asked for every single thing in the entire store. Sierra followed along. Payson and Ember ran around like crazy even when I’d tell them to stay by me every other second. And Everett cried literally the whole time. Oh and this sales guy kept following me in the store to talk! I wanted to scream at him to leave me alone already! Can’t he see I’m busy and don’t need to be having a conversation while trying to shop?! Gah!  photo 127eresized_zpsc19b027b.jpg

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