Point and Shoot Shots

Waiting for the bus with Brooke one morning.  photo 706eresized_zps02e09b34.jpg photo 709eresized_zps716f08c3.jpg

The kids bring their pillow animals everywhere with us.  photo 713bw2resized_zps9240a3ad.jpg

I think Sierra took these of Everett 🙂  photo 715eresized_zpsca0be10a.jpg photo 717eresized_zpscf40f62d.jpg

She loves getting to sit next to him in the car.  photo 720eresized_zpsd611554e.jpg

Sometimes my germophobe self takes over and I don’t want to put my baby in the seat part of the cart where he can grab the handle… because I left the cart cover at home. Or maybe it was dirty. So anyway, I sit him on top of the ergo in the cart. And then I’m so crazy about germs I wash the ergo when we get home :/  photo 756eresized_zps21205f74.jpg

Another day another shopping trip. This time the cart cover is freshly laundered so Everett can sit in the seat!  photo 761eresized_zpsc71cd284.jpg

But not for too long since he gets cranky and I end up holding him.  photo 766eresized_zpsd1180ca1.jpg

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