I can’t remember what this place we drove to is called but I do remember that we specifically hiked in to a lake called The Lost Lake. photo 035e2resized_zps318dfe31.jpg

The kids spotted this little man made bridge that someone had built connected to big rocks and had fun crossing it. Brooke took some coaxing to try it but did in the end. Payson was the most brave. photo 042eresized_zps4704f072.jpg photo 044eresized_zpse6ca2842.jpg photo 049eresized_zps2309aeb5.jpg photo 055eresized_zpsd5169622.jpg

I would’ve tried it, it really was sturdy enough for me, but I didn’t want to do anything remotely risky while wearing Everett. So this is as far as I got 😉  photo 060eresized_zpsb19508c0.jpg photo 062e2resized_zps0e154700.jpg

I’d been encouraging Brooke while she crossed so I didn’t get any pretty, picturesque shots of her on the bridge but I did snap this as she was finishing! She was proud that she did it in the end! 🙂  photo 073eresized_zps49ff2865.jpg photo 074eresized_zpse07cc266.jpg photo 078eresized_zpsb7f1ed3d.jpg

 photo 083eresized_zps4717ee90.jpg photo 089eresized_zpsb8eca71a.jpg photo 090eresized_zpsafe0809e.jpg photo 096eresized_zps2fcc1085.jpg

 photo 116e2resized_zps28de5fb6.jpg

Don’t ask me why but I let my kids climb on top of this huge boulder. It was crazy dangerous and going back I probably wouldn’t let them. I for sure wouldn’t let Ember.  photo 118eresized_zpsd2414d4d.jpg photo 121e2resized_zpsaeec9eb8.jpg photo 124eresized_zpscfbc335c.jpg photo 136eresized_zps491cf135.jpg photo 140e2resized_zps0f9a4b6b.jpg photo 141eresized_zps76b3a501.jpg photo 166eresized_zps429f341c.jpg

She was desperate to climb to the top like her siblings had. I kept telling her to stay low and sit down and move slooooowly. She kept wanting to be a dare devil and race up to the top and walk around up there. That girl has no fear!  photo 175bwresized_zps49c973bc.jpg photo 176bwresized_zps9d4fcdac.jpg photo 180bwresized_zps8c292f0e.jpg photo 185bwresized_zps76934007.jpg photo 189bwresized_zpsfec146b9.jpg

The Lost Lake ended up being this small little thing with no fish. But it was very beautiful so we were glad to have made it there. I think it was a mile long hike?  photo 195eresized_zps0879e817.jpg photo 197eresized_zps0961a8ca.jpg photo 198eresized_zps893407d7.jpg photo 200eresized_zps9d7c377a.jpg photo 204eresized_zps0640de21.jpg photo 208eresized_zpsb2ec9034.jpg photo 210eresized_zps30653f89.jpg

Everett spent the whole time there out of the ergo and much of it in daddy’s arms. He adores Allan!
I knew if I took him out of the ergo for a while I had a better chance of him not crying the entire hike back like he usually does on hikes!  photo 214eeresized_zps62775928.jpg photo 226eresized_zps96cd978e.jpg photo 237e2resized_zpscd618ff7.jpg photo 240eresized_zps09766ee9.jpg photo 241eresized_zps1379efb8.jpg photo 246eresized_zps4424a2d1.jpg photo 249eresized_zps4f34ae7b.jpg photo 251eresized_zps014ff9dd.jpg photo 252eresized_zps427f18ec.jpg

After a while we decided to head back to the car. We really didn’t want to be stuck hiking back in the dark because this particular place was so remote we knew there were lots of wild animals, like bears!, and Allan had left his bear spray in the car!
 photo 279eresized_zpsdb2a48cd.jpg

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