First Day of Homeschool 2014

 photo 299eresized_zps105fa383.jpg photo 322eresized_zpsa0de1d61.jpg photo 331eresized_zpsd7d0bdb0.jpg photo 339eresized_zps2c764333.jpg

Brooke arrived home on the bus right as we were taking these.  photo 357eresized_zpsa4b64fe1.jpg

She wanted some time with her baby brother.  photo 370e2resized_zpsb57e0900.jpg photo 378e2resized_zps5cda36c0.jpg photo 383bwresized_zps610a0ba7.jpg photo 391eresized_zpsc0d945bc.jpg

Back inside Ember played with her lamb pillow set.  photo 422eresized_zps313c8500.jpg photo 434bwresized_zps44269cd9.jpg

And Everett cried and cried and cried so finally I stuck him in a box by me at the sink so I could get a load of dishes done. This weirdo kid LOVES being in boxes! haha  photo 003eresized_zpsc317f06e.jpg

I managed to get dinner ready… I think this was one of the first real dinners I made in our new rentals.  photo 016eresized_zps23b35e1f.jpg

And I stared at our new view and felt really happy.  photo 020eresized_zpsf9065492.jpg

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