Commercials Work on Little Children

My kids are constantly asking me for things they see on TV. Mostly for anything to do with stuffed animals. Stuffed animals that double as other things. Pillow, sleeping bag, backpack, night light, music player… you name it and my kids want it!
I’ve said no to all of those things as they’ve come along because there’s no way in hell I’m paying those crazy prices for a glorified stuffed animal. Some of those things are like $30! For a pillow? NO! Geeeeeez.

My kids spotted these stuffed animals at Costco, though. And they are a pillow animal that comes with a blanket. And they were around $10. Now that’s reasonable. And so after years of begging, my kids got a stuffed animal that does/is something else. And you know what? It’s been a while and they’ve played with those silly things so freaking much it’s comical. They LOVE them.  photo 269eresized_zps4204d9d0.jpg photo 271eresized_zpsd721553d.jpg photo 273eresized_zpsbcadb5df.jpg photo 279eresized_zps0593ab28.jpg photo 280eresized_zpse547a63b.jpg photo 285eresized_zpsecb46f74.jpg

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