The Joy of Choosing a Rental Continues!

I remember a couple years ago a friend of mine was trying to find a new rental house. I remember she complained about it a lot and I, in my judgmental way, was thinking… how difficult can it be to find a rental house?! Just look online, call the place, go see the place, and either get it or don’t. And then just do that until you find somewhere that works!

I had no idea how difficult it is to find somewhere that fits most of your criteria, to actually get a-hold of the property manager (this is SO difficult!!), to set up an appointment to go see it that works for them and Allan, and then 90% of the time it looks totally different than the photos online and sucks 90% more. haha!! Fun times choosing a rental. FUN times 😛

So we looked at a ton of options but this one pictured below was my fave!  photo 227bwresized_zpsa85c0d0d.jpg photo 231eresized_zpse41e5ec0.jpg

Allan really didn’t like this one though for one reason: the steep driveway.  photo 235eresized_zps6df964cf.jpg

Driving around to other rentals:  photo 238eresized_zps0f4a20eb.jpg
Oddly enough I didn’t take any other pictures that day! We were busy I guess!

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