That’d Be My Baby Eating Puffs

 photo 030eresized_zps927c5915.jpg photo 054eresized_zps86844b48.jpg photo 057eresized_zpsfef1c474.jpg photo 062eresized_zpsdedf6c48.jpg photo 061eresized_zps96500968.jpg photo 092eresized_zpsb1d08b30.jpg photo 105eresized_zpsc8640582.jpg photo 111eresized_zpsff80aa67.jpg photo 122eresized_zps7c6a7bfa.jpg photo 125eresized_zps999749e8.jpg photo 126eresized_zpsb6f7093a.jpg

Always snapping shots of his fingers. photo 168eresized_zps5e735572.jpg photo 174eresized_zps4c55790c.jpg

The nice thing about having a private blog is I don’t have to apologize for posting ten thousand pictures. I love taking and posting an excessive amount of photos. So that’s what I’m doing 🙂  photo 193eresized_zps8f4c731c.jpg photo 196eresized_zps0b679c2c.jpg photo 198eresized_zps704b10d7.jpg photo 200eresized_zpsc70753ec.jpg

Ember came in to join him.  photo 216eresized_zpse249c120.jpg

And wanted some attention.  photo 232eresized_zps5cd5f696.jpg

“Mom take a picture of me like this. And like this. And this one, mom. And take a picture of this.”  photo 245eresized_zpsce11f2cc.jpg photo 248eresized_zps0dbf5cee.jpg photo 255eresized_zps328b992a.jpg photo 259eresized_zpsaefde8ca.jpg photo 266eresized_zpsfd008659.jpg photo 274eresized_zps07866c5d.jpg photo 280eresized_zps183c63f9.jpg photo 286eresized_zps998b2494.jpg

And then Ember gave me the idea to make a fort. And that was fun.  photo 297eresized_zps12041a16.jpg photo 300eresized_zpsb41dde65.jpg photo 307eresized_zps2dfa3559.jpg photo 331eresized_zps5339f1d2.jpg

And then we played with Play-Doh.  photo 013eresized_zps5570cd55.jpg

And then we went and picked Brooke up from school. And Ember fell asleep on the way home. And stayed asleep for an hour.  photo 016eresized_zps986090ba.jpg photo 023eresized_zpsc5ea4e80.jpg

And then I bought a new app called Art of Glow and the kids loved it so much it entertained them for close to an hour.  photo 696bwresized_zps7aa40644.jpg photo 703bwresized_zps13f3fd85.jpg photo 709bwresized_zps5f3bf056.jpg

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