Signing the Lease on a New Rental!!

 photo 693eresized_zpsfa0d6e98.jpg
We liked the house and decided on the spot to get it! haha!

We told the property manager we’d take it and we filled out an application right then and there. We made an appointment for a little later in the day to come to the property manager’s office to finish the lease and paying and all that. We had time to take our kids out for lunch since they were staaaarving by this point.  photo 700eresized_zpsdaf6d7f6.jpg photo 701eresized_zpsebc014cc.jpg photo 707eresized_zps3574b0de.jpg photo 714bwresized_zpsa78f325c.jpg photo 724bwresized_zpsba47f65f.jpg

And then we headed over to the rental offices.

 photo 730eresized_zps9ce3edb3.jpg photo 736eresized_zps5d875653.jpg photo 738eresized_zps6c1ab413.jpg
Everett had a runny nose and I had run out of tissues so we used this paper towel we got in the property manager’s office. Everett loves napkins and paper towels and baby wipes a LOT. He chews on them happy as can be… normally I don’t let him much because he’ll swallow or choke on little pieces but that day I was so at the end of my rope with his crying that I just let him gum the crumpled up paper towel. It kept him happy. Until it got too soggy, slobbery wet and was starting to come off in little pieces in his mouth and I had to take it away. Then he was NOT happy.  photo 741eresized_zps5310ad0f.jpg photo 748e2resized_zps763bafc6.jpg

Finally it’s time to head outside. I again go ahead of Allan and step outside and feel so grateful I don’t have to be around a bunch of professional adults with my brood of crazies.  photo 754eresized_zpse4a5435e.jpg photo 759e2resized_zps18442089.jpg

At this point I have no recollection of who Allan was calling but it had something to do with the house so we needed to do it right then.  photo 762eresized_zpsf4abec70.jpg

I fed Everett in the car and then put him in his carseat.  photo 764eresized_zps32ce65ba.jpg photo 767eresized_zpsabb6e3c9.jpg photo 772eresized_zpsba6d7d76.jpg

OH, I just remembered who Allan called! The moving company. He called a few to see if they could move our stuff from our storage unit to our new house!

So we get home and try to get the kids to bed.  photo 779eresized_zps6445460a.jpg photo 780bwresized_zpse8a32758.jpg

But that night was SO terrible and Everett just thrashed around and cried and cried (and cried x1,000) so eventually I handed him my iPod and tried to just sleep next to him. It didn’t work well and MAN am I glad that night isn’t my every night! photo 783eresized_zpsf37f2437.jpg

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