Playing Outside with a Friend

I can’t remember the neighbor boy’s name right now, I’ll have to ask the girls. But there’s an 8 year old boy in the townhouses (the only other kid there) and he plays with Brooke and Sierra outside every day.

Here they are with their water one day. Not the boy… he’d probably have been in the photo if I asked, maybe I should’ve.  photo 336bwresized_zps9ea9c508.jpg photo 341eresized_zps3c7977f9.jpg photo 344eresized_zps588755a7.jpg

And Eebs on the stairs.  photo 352bwresized_zps981012a8.jpg photo 358bwresized_zpsd40ac8bc.jpg photo 360e2resized_zps65fa50e5.jpg photo 362eresized_zps993d756f.jpg photo 366eresized_zps4ec0fc19.jpg

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