Moving Into Our New Rental!

We were SO lucky that we found a moving company that was able to schedule time the very next day to bring our stuff from our storage unit in to our new home! SO lucky!! That meant we got to sleep in our new house that night! I was so so so excited I probably wouldn’t have cared WHAT house we picked by that point as long as it meant it was MY OWN and I had space and different room for my children!

So, getting ready for the day meant not only getting dressed but packing all of our stuff up to check out of the hotel!  photo 793eresized_zpsf81a87fc.jpg photo 804eresized_zps351fe999.jpg photo 806eresized_zpsf389e6f2.jpg

After breakfast we went straight over to our new house. We unloaded the stuff we’d brought from Nevada in our cars and then waited eagerly for the moving truck to arrive!  photo 813eresized_zpse059a3ae.jpg

This was before we took those ugly window decorations down.  photo 816eresized_zpse2e40455.jpg photo 817eresized_zps8b2ab997.jpg photo 830eresized_zps9617c211.jpg

We hired movers to unload our stuff and what a relief that was!! Partly because after not sleeping for a week (thank you Ember and Everett!!) I was so tired I could barely stand and partly because Everett cried almost the entire time the moving guys were there so I held him constantly while a bunch of guys moved my stuff in. It was blissful. Oh my gosh can I just have movers every single time I move PLEEEEEEEEASE?!  photo 835eresized_zpsce738dc3.jpg photo 836eresized_zpsb81a0776.jpg

So now the only thing this house didn’t have was a washer and dryer. Allan and I left ours in Arizona to be sold with our house so we didn’t have a set. Off to Home Depot we went.  photo 838eresized_zpsdad4fbde.jpg

My poor kids were so over all of this madness by this point. Moving twice in two weeks… spending hours and hours and days worth of house hunting… being carted around from one place to another… it was such a mess. They were so cranky in Home Depot. I had to use all my tricks to keep them from screaming the whole time we were there. Add to that the stress of trying to pick out the cheapest option and finding out that the cheapest option didn’t even sound cheap at all! It wasn’t the funnest time but I reminded myself that GEEZ I was buying a freaking washer and dryer… I had better be nothing but excited and grateful!  photo 841eresized_zps0beaecca.jpg photo 847eresized_zpsec3a692c.jpg photo 849eresized_zps5c0f60d8.jpg photo 856eresized_zpse660e7f3.jpg

The biggest part of the problem was that Everett was embarrassing us. His screams were not welcome by the other people in the store. He would mellow out a little bit when I picked him up but my back was killing me from holding him so much the past… forever… and then not sleeping so I was physically falling apart. I did hold him most of the time we were in there and Allan held him another little bit of the time… the other five minutes though… I just had to sit him in the cart. I felt like crying my back was hurting so much.  photo 859eresized_zps4c92f7fb.jpg photo 873eresized_zps5e9e0dcd.jpg photo 875eresized_zpsc8b70286.jpg photo 884eresized_zps83fb04aa.jpg photo 888eresized_zpsf356b4f3.jpg photo 890eresized_zpsf0c9f959.jpg photo 892eresized_zps527a2f3a.jpg photo 894eresized_zps98c98ad6.jpg photo 899eresized_zpse442347c.jpg

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