Moving Back to Colorado!!!

After 11 days in Nevada and a million reasons (which are too personal to Allan for me to share here) we decide we need to move back to Colorado! The relief and excitement I feel about going back to where feels like home to me is immense. I am giddy like I haven’t been in years! I really like Colorado!

We’re driving the two cars back. Allan’s in the sequoia towing his boat. I’m in the corolla. Allan has Brooke and Payson with him. I have Sierra, Ember, and Everett. We leave bright and early.  photo 001bwresized_zps801a85f9.jpg photo 005eresized_zps5f0f5da7.jpg

Poor Payson was having some tummy troubles during this stretch of the drive so we pulled over to let him use the bathroom at this stop at Glenwood Springs. We hung out there for just a few extra minutes to let the kids stretch. photo 020eresized_zpseb116688.jpg

Brooke did her own hair that day.  photo 024e2resized_zpsebf2a6ec.jpg photo 025eresized_zpsa7fba641.jpg photo 027eresized_zpsb3c93ae6.jpg

Ember had fallen asleep.  photo 416eresized_zps71bac90c.jpg photo 030eresized_zps929c7c9e.jpg

Best friends. (Though total opposites!)  photo 032eresized_zps6aaafce3.jpg photo 041eresized_zpse5bf7bdc.jpg

Sometime around noon we stopped in Green River to have lunch at Burger King. (Burger King is Allan’s favorite fast food, btw)  photo 047bwresized_zps9e4cd006.jpg photo 048bwresized_zps19424ed4.jpg photo 053eresized_zpsb39ad7d2.jpg photo 063eresized_zps7c830e5f.jpg photo 065bwresized_zps6450994d.jpg photo 069eresized_zps47e1c077.jpg photo 077eresized_zps728c9993.jpg photo 083eresized_zps3c018e37.jpg photo 087eresized_zps39f04c70.jpg

Ember asked me to take a bunch of pictures of her. Every time I’d stop snapping she’d say, “Wait, one more!”  photo 097eresized_zps3c7d5aa8.jpg photo 098eresized_zpsd4e988ad.jpg photo 112eresized_zps82577a9d.jpg photo 121eresized_zpsd08968ff.jpg

Sometimes my middle kids will crawl over and hang on Everett and Everett screams and cries. And yet they don’t move. Payson was leaning “affectionately” over Everett and Everett hated it and was whining. I’m like, “Payson, he’s crying. Get off!” haha  photo 132eresized_zps9adcd5fe.jpg

But I’m just hugging him! (I hear that so much) “Well, he hates it!”  photo 135eresized_zps95b78320.jpgWe made it to Colorado!!! This moment in the trip was so special for me and Allan. We actually teared up. We left all the kids in the car to just spend that moment together.  photo 143eresized_zpsf0bae30d.jpg photo 144eresized_zps79be7895.jpg

This was at a gas station where I breastfed Everett in the car before going in to get a coke.  photo 150bwresized_zpscea99e0e.jpg photo 159eresized_zps85c2ba82.jpg photo 160eresized_zps002e0c2f.jpg photo 164eresized_zpsbe5c5aa4.jpg photo 167eresized_zps96ccbf94.jpg photo 169eresized_zpsea56e6ba.jpg photo 171eresized_zps8e92ae25.jpg

I set my camera on an aisle to get this picture. Allan came walking down the aisle and saw us standing there and though it looked weird and wondered why we were doing that. He didn’t realize I was taking a timer picture. So he kept walking on by. lol! I love this memory.  photo 174bwresized_zps5524a9df.jpg

Then Brooke wanted to join in.  photo 175eresized_zpsae9e5d76.jpg

And not too late at night we finally arrived at a La Quinta, just a two minute drive from our old rental!  photo 181bwresized_zps08c9cc4d.jpg photo 190eresized_zps3fff0932.jpg photo 194bwresized_zps170eafcb.jpg

The next morning:  photo 200e2resized_zps9d923d1c.jpg

Lining up to head down to breakfast.  photo 209bwresized_zpsc553640d.jpg photo 215bwresized_zpsd60fa12b.jpg

On the elevator.  photo 217eresized_zpsd5dc086a.jpg photo 220eresized_zps4daa8d69.jpg

The breakfasts at this hotel were terrible. I was thankful to have some food for my munchkins but poor Payson literally only had hard boiled eggs and an apple to choose from.  photo 221eresized_zpsac69e725.jpg

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