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We head back to my favorite rental to feel it out again. We need to make a decision as soon as possible since we’re living in a hotel and THAT doesn’t work. It’s stressful because we’ll be here for the next year of our lives and we don’t want to choose wrong!  photo 377bwresized_zpsfad05f05.jpg photo 378eresized_zps5db55d93.jpg photo 383eresized_zps91916b66.jpg

This house feels cozy to me. I love spending time here. I’m sold. Allan isn’t at all. The idea of that steep driveway covered in snow in the winter bothers him a lot.  photo 395eresized_zps84480e94.jpg photo 406eresized_zpsa862434f.jpg photo 409eresized_zps4974596e.jpg photo 418eresized_zps485a40f5.jpg

After spending 9 months in a home without a bit of carpet it’s amazing being in and hanging out in all these homes with carpet! Allan and I vow that wherever we end up living… it has to have carpet!  photo 424eresized_zps75327b6c.jpg photo 438eresized_zps8b14bcc8.jpg

My kids love to love on Everett. Everett doesn’t enjoy being loved on. haha  photo 448eresized_zpsac434fe3.jpg photo 459eresized_zpsc7fe5d28.jpg photo 467eresized_zps71304c84.jpg photo 469eresized_zps1c02d0d0.jpg photo 479eresized_zpse04226d3.jpg

We spend time in the front yard and on the driveway. Allan checks out the driveway from many angles and thinks and thinks.  photo 482eresized_zps7a6c8d7f.jpg photo 488eresized_zps224ae33e.jpg photo 498cloneeresized_zps6ce61235.jpg photo 503eresized_zps87cac497.jpg photo 505eeresized_zpsc4be294d.jpg

Next we stop for lunch at Village Inn before heading to look at a couple other rentals.  photo 511bwresized_zps6ab603ce.jpg photo 515bwresized_zpsa95a29a2.jpg photo 522bwresized_zps28d3f4c7.jpg photo 525eresized_zpsa278e2da.jpg photo 539eresized_zps71af98b4.jpg

Everett poops. To avoid him grabbing at his diaper while I change him (his favorite thing to do) I let him hold a sucker we got from Village Inn.  photo 544eresized_zpsa2ce2df2.jpg photo 547eresized_zps4ed791e6.jpg photo 566eresized_zps5077858e.jpg

 photo 568eresized_zps583f242c.jpg

 photo 572eresized_zps994f2525.jpg

We have an appointment to look at a certain house the next day. Because we couldn’t see it that day we figure we’ll at least look at the neighborhood and look around the house and see if we can peek in the windows. We can and it’s gorgeous inside. Allan is in love and pretty much sold already. We’re looking forward to our appointment the next day!!  photo 581eresized_zps8fdb33f1.jpg

Everett had fallen asleep in the car. I kept the doors open and stood outside the car and just let him sleep. I hung my jacket over his door since the sun was shining right on him with the door open.  photo 578eresized_zps543368f0.jpg photo 584eresized_zps89b76e50.jpg

After snooping around the house we drive to Bass Pro Shops before heading back to our hotel.  photo 591eresized_zps3926a6ad.jpg photo 596eresized_zps48dfd4f7.jpg photo 603eresized_zpsc95930b3.jpg photo 605eresized_zps6b7755b1.jpg photo 606eresized_zps880f9805.jpg photo 612eresized_zps61fc13ca.jpg photo 623eresized_zps222420bd.jpg

On the drive home it’s raining. Not too long after the rain stops one of the kids point out a vivid double rainbow. We watch it as we drive, amazed by how intense the color is. I hope a bit that it’s still in the sky when we stop so I can snap a picture.
It’s slightly faded by the time we get to the hotel but still showing enough to try for a photo.  photo 626eresized_zpsdd4a0c03.jpg photo 630e3resized_zps5d9aad86.jpg

Dinner that night was fast food and ramen and some other crap… I don’t remember except that it was nothing healthy. lol
We ate in the breakfast room downstairs because there was a game on TV and… I don’t really remember why we watched it there actually.  photo 638eresized_zpsb6445ab2.jpg photo 658eresized_zps86e82888.jpg

Hotel baths.  photo 666bwresized_zps8245f029.jpg

Some before-bed playing.  photo 676eresized_zps1de89062.jpg photo 682eresized_zpse4635eec.jpg photo 684eresized_zps5b85271d.jpg

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