The Playground

Interesting story about this playground and the townhouses where we lived. The manager of the townhouses is a pretty big witch and gave us a lot of crap in the short 11 days we lived there. One day (this day pictured below) I took the kids to play at the playground. We played there, having a blast, yadda yadda, and went home.

The next day Allan tells me he spoke with the townhouse manager and mentioned that there was a lot of poop (the grass was covered in dog poop), and Allan tells me that when he told the manager she didn’t respond to it at all and instead immediately told him, “Oh and tell your wife not to play on the playground equipment. It’s not for adults.”

Allan told her, “I know my wife and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t play on that playground equipment.”

And the manager told him, “It was your wife, she had a camera and was out there with the kids and was playing on the equipment. You need to tell her to not climb on the playground equipment, because she was yesterday.”

!!! Um, no I wasn’t!! haha!! What a lying weirdo! I laughed heartily when Allan told me the story. To this day I laugh out loud when I remember it. Uncontrollable giggles over this lady insisting I was playing on the playground!! I mean, what?? haha!!

There were a few other unsavory interactions with this lady who was hyped up on a power trip (we later heard from other townhouse tenants that she’s like that with everyone) but most weren’t any bigger issues than the playground thing… just weird. And funny.  photo 049e2resized_zpsbe263dc1.jpg photo 063e2resized_zps534c3837.jpg photo 071eresized_zps9b655df2.jpg photo 084eresized_zpsbd62eecc.jpg photo 086eresized_zps6005a449.jpg photo 096eresized_zpsfa2e5ef9.jpg photo 102eresized_zps7efb4fad.jpg photo 110eresized_zps6915d3ce.jpg photo 119eresized_zpsbf08c813.jpg photo 120eresized_zps50ad0a6a.jpg

This is where I assume the townhouse manager got her big idea that I was climbing on the playground… it was crazy windy that day… like the windiest day I’ve experienced in a long time, so we pretended a huge tornado was coming and we had to get into the basement for safety! We went into the underside of the playground (where you can clearly see is just grass, and that’s the only place I ever stood in) to hide out. We had such a freaking blast that day. It was worth that lady thinking I was playing on her precious playground. (Which btw, I’m not like 200 pounds… even if I did climb on it, I’m preeeeetty sure it could support me. lol!)  photo 131eresized_zps055543be.jpg photo 150eresized_zps66cc0693.jpg photo 152bwresized_zps90f55b65.jpg photo 169eresized_zps1b2e86c1.jpg photo 193eresized_zpsced91290.jpg photo 208eresized_zps2e22753a.jpg photo 209eresized_zpsb932041e.jpg photo 217eresized_zps30668fce.jpg

Do you see the tornado coming?! photo 247eresized_zps7f56b1fd.jpg photo 251eresized_zpsefff4bb6.jpg

So remember how I mentioned Allan mentioning the dog poop to the manager? (We don’t usually mention stuff like that but she’d brought up the playground and that thing was covered in poop!) well, the lady kept brushing it off and turning the conversation back to making sure I wouldn’t climb on the playground. (Seriously, lols) ANYWAY, turns out… the dog poop… it was from the townhouse manager’s two dogs! I guess we hit a nerve! bwahaha!  photo 273eresized_zps63503346.jpg photo 277eresized_zpsbee00646.jpg

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