Missing Everett’s High Chair

I’m missing Everett’s highchair. Gone are the days when I could set him in there with carrots or apple slices and then make dinner. I am surprised by how reliant I am on that silly chair.
The stroller substitutes for now. Everett isn’t the biggest fan but armed with a carrot and then later an apple slice he manages to be a content baby for ten minutes.  photo 341e2resized_zpsc1a766a1.jpg photo 345eresized_zpsf6cb95bd.jpg photo 344eresized_zps1d85042a.jpg

Always the best idea to give the other kids a snack at that time as well. Otherwise they’re at my heels whining about this or that and everything else under the sun.  photo 347eresized_zpsf5b64985.jpg photo 349eresized_zps3ea3ee3a.jpg

I cut this apple in a ring shape in hopes that Everett will hold onto it longer with an easier shape to grip.  photo 363eresized_zps62a9fc1e.jpg photo 382eresized_zpsbabc734b.jpg photo 392eresized_zps6d113f84.jpg photo 395e2resized_zps66c2cff0.jpg photo 407eresized_zps34331295.jpg photo 410bwresized_zps85c3f7ce.jpg

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