Ember the Photographer

One of Ember’s very favorite things in the whole wide world is to take pictures and videos of… anything really. All my kids love to take pictures and videos. For hours. And hours. They’d fill my memory cards up on a daily basis if I let them. I’d have hours of footage of the TV, of their feet, of their mouths and eyes so close to the lense all you’d see was a gross, wet blur… oh my little videographers. ha  photo 202eresized_zps3b59285a.jpg photo 421eresized_zps1fa08670.jpg photo 435eresized_zps98b0ca30.jpg

Here are the photos my little photographers took.  photo 224eresized_zpsd4000949.jpg photo 232eresized_zps5d38ac7c.jpg photo 233eresized_zps6a33b2bc.jpg photo 241eresized_zpsf83d294f.jpg photo 249eresized_zpscb9eeeef.jpg photo 260eresized_zps726987bc.jpg photo 270eresized_zps438eef9d.jpg

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